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Gill Enterprises London Group provide bespoke VIP services with a team of leading VIP negotiators worldwide and cover prime areas of Central London and the Home Counties. If you are looking for a tailored VIP Service then please contact us. Office due to open in Berkeley Square, Mayfair, London, W1J


 Tel: 0207 060 9133 / Email: [email protected] 

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Require Our Buying Assistance?


We only deal with clients who are looking to make serious offers on a property, business or car which they are interested in purchasing through a company or private individuals.


We are currently in top of Google search for VIP services in London, and on the first page for many other services we offer to the public. Our business links are in London, Monaco, Dubai, Las Vegas, New York, L.A, India, China and many other countries around the world.


We only offer our buying assistance for properties, businesses and cars which are beneficial to our clients. Resulting in profit to be made from day one and future return.


Everyone is looking for high return investments, and with our buying skills we can get you that investment and assist in saving you as much money by negotiating on your behalf or with you from the start to the end. You might decide to put your extra funds we saved you into your saving account or towards your next purchase where it will give you another high return.


In some cases you might not just be interested in buying a new business but also a luxury home because these one off assets don't stay around on the market for long as they hold their value very well, especially if it's located in London's most profitable postcodes or Home Counties. We will also look into any future plans for the property, business and car if you need our help, this involves business plans, financing, and selling in the future if you decide to move onto something new.


Before making offers and waiting for couple days for a result, the property, business, or car may have gone off the market because someone else paid close or full asking price. Contact us with your offer and details on the property, business or car you are looking to buy so we can carry out our services and look at getting a result in hours, instead of you waiting around for phone calls and e-mails.


Our dream is for our clients to have a luxury home, business or car at a price which suits our them and at the same time can't be bought anywhere else or compared in the market because of its own unique standards and most important the purchase price.


Time is money so don't hold back and contact us today if you need our help to negotiate on your next deal and we guarantee to save you time and money.